The Bears Shelter

The bears’ shelter. The local tour guides you on the paths adjacent to the fences, signs showing the names of the bears and the time they arrived at the reserve, and the guides tell the stories of some of the bears – where they came from, what situation they are now living in the reserve.

The visit is suitable for all ages. The reserve displays the “good ending” of the story – the well-groomed bears against the backdrop of the beautiful green nature, who enjoy food and care.

The shelter is not a zoo, but a place for the rehabilitation of bears saved from abuse and imprisonment. Some of them came from small cages or cages in zoos. Others were presented to the public on tourist sites, and so on.

The shelter shows kindness to the bears and allows them to live free and to receive medical treatment and care. The bears can not really be returned to nature, they are too hurt and unable to adjust, but here they are treated and of course they no longer suffer from imprisonment and abuse.