Sibiu Village Museum

The Astra Museum is a 10 km open museum located in the Dumbrava Forest, with a huge lake, 4 km from Sibiu town center.
The Astra Museum Park is a highly sought after family entertainment site and every year over 200,000 tourists visit it and can participate in a variety of activities: visiting the museums in the complex, rides horse-drawn carriages or slides in winter, and more…
The Astra Museum was founded in 1963. Its purpose is to present to the general public the development of industry, ancient technology, culture and folk art from all over Romania, with an emphasis on the Transilvania and Maramureș regions. The museum’s compound is divided into six units with 340 buildings from different regions and periods, Imported from Transylvania, one may see household equipment, wind stations, water stations, a giant wine press, fruit and oil, a collection of wooden farms, wooden carts and collections of various authentic items. In the park there are fairs of authentic art and a Gypsy festival and local folklore.