Some Tips

Some tips before traveling to Romania:

Fewest suitcases / items as possible;

– Currency: better to bring Euro, then local currency Lei *;
* Do not buy bills with the stamp of the exchange agent – the money can not be changed to lei. With exchange agent’s signature it’s okay.

– Clothing Code: Comfortable clothing. In winter, at night, the temperature may reach -25 degrees Celsius). In summer, rain should be expected. Shoes: depending on the weather (please check the forecast). Without high heels during the day;

– Food – about 17 Euros per meal (soup + main course + dessert + soft drink).

– Tip in a restaurant (“service“): 10%. Not included in the check;

– Entrance fees to sites – between 2 – 8 Euro per person. Jeep tour – 100 Euro per jeep (three persons);

– Credit cards? Yes (but not accepted in all places. American Express is not so common / accepted);

– Shopping? certainly. Many shopping malls, traditional markets, etc.;