Slănic Prahova Salt Mines

Slanic Salt Mines are located in the Prahova Valley, about 100 km from Bucharest, capital of Romania, and are the largest mines in Europe, with a surface area of ​​80,000 square meters and a steady temperature of 12 degrees Celsius.
The place is an unique tourist attraction and also serves as a hospital for asthmatic children. Prolonged stay in the area helps to cure respiratory diseases, bronchitis and pneumonia. The place also serves as a backdrop for movies.
The mine is at a depth of 208 meters. The tours are around 15 large salt-cut halls, about 90 meters high, impressive with different layers and the rock movement for millions of years. In the halls you can see some impressive sculptures made of salt stones, including: the statue of Traian – the Roman emperor who conquered Dacia, the statue of Decebal – the leader of the Dacian people during the Roman conquest, the courageous Mihai and the statue of Eminescu, Romania’s national poet. Some of the halls are equipped with amusement facilities, billiard tables, ping pong tables and more.